Well first off hope this is the right forum for this.

After dealing with Instant Carma outsourced support I do not reccomend them. I talked with the sales manager when I went to setup my account there, and he was all for signing me up, weeks went by nothing, continued talking with him and he said yea we are going to get to that, I talked with the online live support they are very nice, that I have no complaints about, but the impression I got from them is the same that my customers will get, and if they put me off I can just imagine about the customers of mine, so I went looking.

And after some searching I came along one particular company called Tripod Support, they seem to be wonderful, they are constantly following up with me and everything, the sale went thru quickly, had to do the questionaire which came to me quite promptly, so so far if I have to reccomend one to those of you that are looking I would suggest you try out tripodsupport.com there prices are very competitive and they even offer live pre-sales with their packages.

As I deal with them more I will continue to give you updates on them but as of right now, I do feel they should be added to the outsource support lists of refferals.

Just my opinion and thanks for reading.