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    An issue with my domain nameservers!


    i have this problem with my DNS. I used to have my sites on a server with the following DNS:

    now i changed server and my new DNS are:

    ever since i made the change, my sites keep going online and offline all the time. When they go offline, oddly enough, i can access FTP via the old password i had when it was on & Ever had anything like that?

    does this have something to do with the fact that is used in both the old and the new DNS, and somehow it is still "connected" to the old configuration??

    I thought about putting

    so that its disconnects from and then put back my new DNS....what do you guys think?

    thank you!

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    Are you sure is still answering correctly for your domain ?

    What I can see is that chances are, it isn't and due to the nature of the DNS, the faster DNS will be used and sometimes it's the invalid NS. One of them is not answering properly for the domain and given the symptons, it's likely to be the old one.
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    yes seems to be working fine. is there a way to get a clean slate for DNS, so that it doesnt do that anymore? I thought about putting and just so that it doesnt connect to the old format anymore, and then put in my new DNS with so that it sort of gets a clean slate. what do you think?

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