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    Arrow POSSIBLE sale

    Due to new business expansion directions, we are CONSIDERING the possible sale of one of our web properties

    Depending on offers received, and seriousness of the potential buyers, we may follow through and allow this well known site to change hands. We will NOT allow this site to be purchased by "just anyone" who will not continue to uphold the standards of operation and dedication to honest transactions that we have worked hard to build. This site has a great deal of potential with the right company behind it.

    If we do not receive serious offers from anyone who we feel will continue the integrity of the site, we simply will not sell and we will continue to operate it ourselves. We are not selling out of necessity. We are only considering this option as a possible means of freeing up time and capitol for other new business ideas and directions.

    Here is a rough idea of the site's worth based only on what has been invested:

    -PhPAuction XL Script (commercial version) with recent 2.0 upgrade - $600.00 +/-
    -WebStores Module - $180.00
    -Custom Work & Graphics - $200.00
    -Ping Zine Advertising, just ended - Value $2000+ (3x 1/2 page ads)
    -Domain - $30.00 (Just renewed on 05/11-2004)
    -Custom Ping Zine print Ad design - $175.00
    -Misc Advertising (banners, text links, etc) - $1000+

    Minimum invested to date: $4185+

    Other valuable information:

    -Google Page Rank of 5/10 (URL:
    -Alexa Rank of 432,000 +/- (recently dropped from 203,000 +/- due to less online advertising)
    -Average of 18.6 unique visitors a day for this month, so far (lower than previous months due to less advertising)
    -Well known by many in the WHT community and other webmaster/hosting forums
    -Used by several well known companies to make offers
    -Established and operating
    -Recently received awards from 2 different organizations (see awards HERE )

    Included in the offer:

    -All site files
    -All database files (MySQL)
    -Domain (just renewed)
    -Print Ad files (from Ping! Zine advertising run)
    -Advertiser Income (currently 1 advertiser @ $20/mo via PayPal subscription)
    -30 days of hosting at no charge to allow smooth transition to your server/hosting account or price negotiation to stay on our server
    -Licensed copy of PhpAuction XL 2.0 with WebStores Add-On Module

    We have already confirmed that the license for phpAuction IS transferrable. If this site is sold, the new owners will receive full rights to this license and future updates as if they were the original purchaser. To find out more about the features and abilities of PHPAuction XL, click HERE and the WebStores Module features can be found HERE.

    We will only entertain offers over $4,000 (USD) and only those from established and serious persons/companies. Please only reply if you have the financial resources to make an immediate offer. No partial payments, revenue shares or financing will be considered. This site could be a very lucrative addition to anyone's web properties with more advertising and time investment.

    Those wishing to make an offer are welcome to do so via EMAIL ONLY to the address [email protected]. NO OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED HERE.

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    Other Revenues?

    What other revenue does the site generate other than the $20/month advertising? I am willing to sign an NDA if needed.
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