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    * *** $109.95/mo P4 2.8 GHZ - 1GB RAM - 200 GB SATA HD ***

    Zanadoo P4 2.8 GHZ Dedicated Server

    2.8 GHZ Intel P4 Processor
    1024 MB Premium Memmory
    200 GB SATA Hard Drive
    400 GB Premium Bandwidth
    8 IP Addresses
    Choice of RedHat 9, Fedora or FreeBSD
    Direct Admin Can Be Added for $9 per month
    Other Operating Systems can be installed upon request

    Only $109.95 Per month

    Click Here To Signup

    Zanadoo Home Page

    Ping Test IP:

    Server Addons:
    Extra IP Addresses: $1/mo
    Extra GB of Ram: $49 /mo - $19 setup
    Extra 200 GB SATA Hard Drive: $180 setup with no monthly fee
    Raid: Free with 2 Hard Drives

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    Datacenter/network information?

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    Data Center / Network Information

    The Data Center is the CCC Communications Data Center in San Diego.

    Internet Connectivity

    We take our Internet connectivity seriously. Our goal is to provide the fastest and lowest latency connectivity to the Internet that can be found anywhere. Our focus is on performance based routing not least cost routing like many other providers. In order to achieve this goal, we provide direct connectivity to the top 6 major Internet backbones, thus giving us direct access to 96% of the Internet. Our backbone routers in conjunction with our performance based routing equipment will route your traffic to the fastest possible network path. Whether your traffic is headed for UUNet, Qwest, Level 3, XO, Yipes/Willtel or Verio, it will be routed directly to that network or rerouted to a faster network by our performance routing equipment. In addition to this, we always have available at least 4 times the average amount of bandwidth over and above our standard utilization levels. This ensures that you will have the bandwidth available when you need it. All of this attention to detail guarantees the best Internet connectivity that you can buy anywhere.

    Backbone Routers

    Our Cisco powered network features dual redundant Cisco 12000 routers with redundant engines and redundant power supplies connected directly to our redundant, diverse path fiber backbones. These multiple layers of redundancy mean that, in the event that one of the fiber providers or routers looses connectivity, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and our performance routing equipment will instantly and automatically reroute the traffic to the other router and out to the Internet. In other words we have created a self healing high reliability network.


    Redundant layer 3 Cisco 6500 series switches with redundant SUP720 engines and dual power supplies are used to connect our colocation clients, internal network, dial up equipment, hosting servers, and email servers. Colocation clients have the option of utilizing Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP). This feature adds yet another layer of redundancy by providing our customers with dual Ethernet connections to separate redundant switch/routers.

    Aggregation Routers

    Cisco 7500 series routers with redundant power supplies and redundant supervisor engines are utilized to connect the multiple CT3s, DS3's and OC3's which connect our T1, DSL, DS3 and OC3 clients to our redundant backbone routers, and then out to the Internet.

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    sounds like a GREAT DEAL, except for the whole 400Gb thing. Is there any way it could be upped to 1000Gb for cheap? just wondering.

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    Currently we do not give more than 400 GB of BW because routing is done for maximum performance and not least cost. We have found that most dedicated servers use significantly less than 400 GB of bandwidth even if 1000 GB of bandwidth is offered. We refuse to drastically oversell bandwidth like lots of providers do because our policy is to support all accounts even if they use their maximum available resources. We will probably be raising the bandwidth in the future. As always, if we raise the bandwidth for new accounts old accounts will still get the increase of bandwidth at no additional charge.

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    Is Windows an option? If so, then I am game

    Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

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    Windows is an option. Please tell us what version of Windows you want.

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