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    Signup from one server, upload to another.

    Hello fellow programmers,

    I've struck a deal with a great image host to host my photos, while my current host, hosts the pages. But what I need to figure out is, how do I let the user signup from my site, but their image is uploaded to my partner's site?

    Can this be done with php?

    One option is to have the signup scripts on the image host server, but I can't access my databases remotely, so that wouldn't work.

    What do other types of sites do?

    Jon Marus

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    Of course you can access your DB's remotely.
    Just change the location from localhost to the location.

    You can have a page like upload.php on the image server.
    After you process the form, and append to DB, then u forward the user to upload.php and it uploads the image.

    You can also do it using sockets, but that is more complicated.

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    So you think I should insert data into my database from my site, then when it's time to upload, forward to the image host?

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