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    Moving MySQL Database

    Hi everyone.

    I have a big MySQL database (like 100MB) on a current Windows host with PHPMyAdmin.

    I am moving to a dedicated server which is Unix. I want to move the database. I can make a tarred .sql file from the current site using PHPMyAdmin.

    How should I quickly and correctly move it then to the new server?


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    You can take the tarred .sql file and upload it with phpmyadmin on the new unix server.

    Or use command shell on unix and do it that way

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    may help to try sending it between servers via ssh tooo
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    if you have shell or can ask ur host to do the following for you

    old server:

    mysqldump --opt -u username_dbusername -p username_databasename > /home/user/public_html/dump.sql

    upload the sql to the new server

    mysqldump -u username_dbuser -p username_dbname < /home/user/public_html/dump.sql

    just make sure you have created the same database in the new server and you should be set to go. Also both prompts will ask for the password as well. Hope it helps
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    Thanks to the three of you

    I followed your advice and got that done with no problem.. Thanks again.

    BTW: I really hate Windows after what I have been through! The database was 120MB and the site was in ASP. The site was relatively slow and there were always open connections creating overhead on the tables. I reprogrammed the site in PHP and it became much slower (!). I begged my host (should not mention his name here because I still have other works with him ) to set the php.ini line for output_buffering to ON but it took him like 10 days to say the PHP version does not allow them to!

    We had to have a server at ev1 and the site works verrrrry nice now.. I am glad because what I have been through made me almost lose my confidence, you know I started to say I am a bad programmer

    If you care to check the site, www . bentelhalal . com / index.php?Lang=En
    (the querystring is for English).

    Thanks again guys.. I appreciate that.

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