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    Trying To Create Dynamic Non-For-Profit Site

    I have been in the planning stages of creating a dynamic website for the Phish community. If you are not familliar they are a popular Vermont jamband whose trademark is their live performances. Anyways, I am trying to create a dynamic site that will display setlists for all of their 1300+ concerts, along with detailed search options, such as displaying all times in year xxxx that song x was played, and allowing visitors to see the entire setlist. Addtionally I'd like to create a user system that allows users to add shows they were at to a user profile, and list shows they are looking to trade for or have.

    My experience in web design is not horrid, but I know little more than basic html, limited javascript, and style sheets. I am using Dreamweaver MX and recently created a site for a class using ASP VBScript that pulled content from an Access database. However I realize that I'm going to need to use mySQL for this and probably PHP. I have no experience with either. My photoshop skills are proficient and design is not my concern, rather the dynamic aspect. Is it possible to create what I want without knowing or learning much PHP? I am more of a visual learner and although I can code html by hand, I prefer working visually.

    A couple other concerns I have right now is that I have no hosting for the site, so no actual live server to work with. I am afraid this may cause some problems if I'm trying to make a dynamic site. The idea behind this is to create a visually appealing site for an entire community, but I don't want to personally invest a lot of money into this project, as I won't be seeing any money back. If I can get this off the ground, I'd accept donations which would go to hosting and then any profits seen would head straight to the Mockingbird Foundation, an organization who provides funding for music programs in schools. Although I'm not keen on investing a lot of money into this project, I am willing to invest a LOT of my personal time.

    I don't know if this project interests anyone else, but if someone would be able to help me out or at least point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

    Please contact me by email or IM. Thanks.

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    Did the ideas of hippies and computers scare off any and all available help?

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    Originally posted by massimps
    Did the ideas of hippies and computers scare off any and all available help?

    Actually massimps, you might consider asking the mods to move this to the advertising forum, where people often post design requests. Even if your budget is small or non-existent, you will probably have better luck getting a reply there.

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    Well I would have put this in the advertising forum but I really want to do the work myself. I thought the web design forum was the best place for it as I'm looking for some starting places on developing with mySQL and php. i'll check out those links you provided, thanks.

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