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    What layout?

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    a link to the layout would be usefull.....

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    i'm sorry.. Here it is

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    Again, the layout please?

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    (Had to have 5 or more posts )

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    WOW thats very nice!

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    WOW thats very nice!
    Are you interested into buying it?

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    Possibly, I have to sell a few templates of mine first though.

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    Ok! Well when your ready contact me back! and if you ever need anything else be sure to contact me again!

    and if anyone else would be interested contact me

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    Your designing skills are ok, but you lack coding skills...

    Nice template, I love the color scheme!

    jerome.g-n Specializing in corporate designs and pure CSS websites.

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    Your designing skills are ok, but you lack coding skills...

    That is not my site... It's my friend's... I'm just making the template for him and im coding it... It wont look bad AFTER it is DONE!

    Trust me!

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    i bid 25 if no1 else wants it...this template is amazing...i just dont have the money!

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    I'll sell anyone this layout for 35 Bucks! and i will code it for ya!

    AND!!! If anyone wants a 3D model Im selling one for 10 bucks!!!! here is a pic of it!

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    I'll take it for $50. I definitely think it's worth it.

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