Although i've got a temporary data input job, i'd idealy love to work from home, so this is the kinds of jobs i'm after.

Remote support (Ticket support, email support, live chat)
Remove administration/moderation of Forums


A trainee apprenticeship onsite for either...

Server support
Security guy for a data centre (Not sure why, but that has great appeal to me, heh)


PC/Server installation/configuration.

I've done server/desktop installations/configuration and trouble shooting for some 8 years in total now, and this is the area I love most.
I've had roughly 4 years helpdesk experience with call logging and resolution
5 years of forum moderation and administration.

I'd even be happy to do data entry from home

I'm ideally looking for a set pay per month/week etc
I am based in the UK, but would relocate if a job offer were to come up (If it wasn't a telecommuting job)

So, please let me know.