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    Thumbs down Murray , Ariadomain ?? Ripoff??

    first Murray I heard you were connected to Ariadomain so i try it this way. If I am wrong my apologies and I will correct this message.

    1) Why does a company like Ariadomain says hosting activation within 24-48 hours and after 1 week still NOTHING !!! but charging the credit card right after registering !!! RIPOFF

    2) why dont you give my site free after 30 days redemption ???????
    Its fecking 2 month after expiration !!!!
    and if i register again will it take 2 month to activate it??

    Why does a company like Ariadomain never answers mails? tickets whatever. Even if you are a smal customer with 1 or 2 domains.

    I am in a VERY bad mood here.
    This is not a way to do business or treating your customers.

    please contact me by mail
    [email protected]

    thanks in advance.

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    I'm sorry to hear that

    I'm not sure if I understand you though, they wouldn't give you a refund 2 months after the 30 day gaurantee expired? That seems fair to me...

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    no no...

    i forgot to renew after a year. Than you have 30 days redemption before the site is free for registering again.

    its more than 2 month now and it is still not free.

    Ofcourse that I forgot to renew is not their fault but whoever tries to mail or send a ticked never gets answers back.

    the other thing is that i registerd a new name but thats over a week ago now and they say 24-48 hours to activate.
    they withdraw the money right away though.

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