Ok, I know this board doesn't allow requests anymore, but I'm getting desparate. My old host really dumped on me and I'm looking for a new web hosting provider that offers Plesk 6.5 for Windows.

In order to remain compliant with WHT's "no requests" rule, I think it would be great if you could do the following:

1. If you know a good place that I could search for hosts that offer Plesk (like hostsearch.com, but the ability to specify control panel), post it here.

2. If you are a web host and offer Plesk 6.5 for Windows hosting, send me a PM and I will check your site out. Please don't post any offers here (or you can post in the offers section, which I'll be watching).

I already searched the offers section and didn't find much. I found one guy who claimed he's seen 100% uptime (too good to be true for a cheaper host, I know), and he even had a server stats page to back it up showing the uptime of his various servers, which all seemed within the norm for a lower cost host. However, I've been with them for 4 days and I think the WWW and FTP server on the server I'm on has been up about 40% of the time so far, and even though his web site said he support ASP and SSI, they are disabled. I am desparate to bring my sites back up again, but I really like Plesk 6.5. I've tried Helm and thought it was a pain and featureless compared to Plesk.