Hello WHT,
I have a template to offer for sale. It is an older template so I am open to all REASONABLE offers. Just post here or PM me, IM me, e-mail me, etc. The template information is below-

Heres a full screen shot:

Heres the drop down screen shots:
Note: All the buttons have drop downs but I didn't take a screen shot of them all.

* All the drop downs are in Java and are easy to edit.
* The drop downs match the color of the buttons.
* Inside the dropdown there is a white rollover.
* This template is FULLY sliced and coded.
* You get full exculsive rights to this template. It will NEVER be sold again.

This template DOES NOT come with a PSD but I could edit out any UPLINKHOST information for you, although I won't be able to change the text inside the buttons.

Comments are welcome.