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    Post Sign-up and billing explanation?

    i've been trying to setup a small hosting company. i have a reseller account and have completed most of my website
    but there's one thing im very confused about. i understand that there are scripts that let u sign up and there are scripts that enable you to bill your clients.

    i've learnt that phpcoin is the free alternative to scripts like clientexec and modernbill. i havent started my operation yet so don't plan on buying a licences until im somewhat familiar with the hosting business.

    what my main question is, is how do i use phpcoin (or another script) to let people sign up for a plan, charge them, and then where do i recieve the money?

    and just a little while later someone told me about 2checkout and mypaysystems, and that made it even worse

    andy help/advice from current resellers?

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    Scripts such as phpcoin, Modernbill, ClientExec, etc are all just the scripts used for signing clients up.

    2Checkout, Paypal, Mypaysystems are payment processor companies that all offer various methods (IE: Paying via credit card or Paypal account) These processors are used for the actual transaction whereas the scripts are just used to manage signups and send them to the right place. The processors also either charge a small fee per transaction or a setup fee in the case of 2CH. In the case of Modernbill (MB) you will receive processor accounts with the script I believe.

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    I prefer Paypal subscriptions, just set-up a Subscription and voila...customer pays ever x days!

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    You can do subscriptions with 2checkout and mypaysystems too.

    Just be carefule using phpCoin, Monderbill, WHMAutopilot and using automatic signups. I know lots of people that would love to eliminate the task of adding a user into WHM. Just be forwarned that if you do this you can set yourself up for hackers to committ fraud and possible damage to your server.
    Gary Jones - Canada Web Hosting

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    i dont want to use auto signup. in fact i didnt even know phpcoin auto-signs up users in whm

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