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    video downloading service

    I have a client that sells dvd's that he's compiled himself (...nothing illegal/pirated/adult) and is interested in starting a pay-per-download or pay-per-view sort of service. What is the best way to implement these types of services?


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    That might be considered high risk to some providers because what would keep someone from watching the video & then saying - I didn't so it? You might consider verified by Visa to help stop that issue.

    I would also maybe consider allowing the customer to view the movie for one week or something like that. And keep track of the IP addresses. This will help you to watch people who sell / give the user / passes out to others.

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    If you sold the service on a true pay-per-view basis, it would almost definitely fall under the Visa high risk registration category.

    If you offered it as a pay-per-download... i.e. electronically delivering the entire file, you should be able to get the account underwritten without falling into the above category.

    Naturally, it is going to be difficult if not impossible to prevent someone from giving out copies of it on any kind of e-download system.

    One suggestion is to have a temporary URL that you provide upon purchase. This URL is specific to that customer and the DVD purchased and is only available for some limited time period - like 24 hours. And then set an IP trigger mechanism by which if more than say, 4 or 5 IP's are logged - the URL becomes inactive. (to prevent them from broadcasting the URL on some newsgroup)

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    Ian, if he is located in the states he might very well fall into high risk however there are still some domestic institutions that accept merchants selling DVD, and stream video. Is he selling block time or groups of bandwith download?

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