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    [For Hire] Web Designer and Developer, More.

    I am new to WebHostingTalk, and I doubt I will get many bites, or offers for work. I understand this, and realize that this is how it is, but I will post this in hopes of landing something.

    My name is Ryan Currie, I am 17, a Junior in a Alternative High School Placement (essentially similiar to home schooling). I am new the world of designing for money, and have no real samples of my work, but I do however have a Reference that has seen my work, and can vouch for my skills.

    I have over 5 Years HTML/CSS knowledge, and 3 Years of self-taught PHP knowledge, no job is too big for me, and I understand the basics of hard work, and deliver the best that I can personally do.

    I can do more then web design or development, I am able to skin vBulletin, or almost any application (time may be needed to study the structure of the skins), and I will be affordable.

    I base work on a reasonable agreement, which is between me and the employer. When designing, I show several stages of the work, and walk through the project with the employer, making sure everything is liked before continueing.

    I reside on the West Coast, San Diego, thus time differences may exist. The reason I am posting this is not because I don't want a traditional job, I have been interested in the IT career for years, however most require a College degree to be useful, and it is my hope that by completing several smaller commisions for jobs, I can gain some references to be able to apply to a company and achieve an internship.

    If you have a job that you are interested in getting done, and would like a quote or something along those lines, please feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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    We are a fast growing development company based in India. We work on a concept of centralized production and distributed marketing / support all over the globe. We are looking for individuals who are looking to get into the web service related business. We are looking for techno-commercial partners to work for a percentage of revenue (high %) in field of sales and support.

    Our Strength is ASP and and we have build good quality applications and over 8 years of experiance.

    Contact me at [email protected] and let me know your interest.

    Thanks and best regards


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    I've worked with Ryan before and he has done many of my sites. Highly reccommended, his design work is excellent.
    Michael MacKinnon

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