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    Double the bandwidth special

    M3Server has been serving commercial and personal sites since November of 1996! Don't trust your business to a fresh startup that is "reselling everything under the sun".
    From premium bandwidth to high quality servers - you can trust M3server to serve your site to millions of viewers world wide.

    Now every server at M3 is running the blazing fast
    M3 Linux 9.0 - Performance Tuned!


    Enter "double the bandwidth for a year" in the comments box to double the bandwidth on all plans for one year!

    This special can be dropped without notice, so hurry!

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    Emmm That is great

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    still way over priced for such old stuff

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    Originally posted by shimon
    still way over priced for such old stuff
    What is old and what is over priced. We are fully managed and own our own datacenter manned by our own employees. The same ones who answer your tech calls.
    I have a good review from Lycanthrope and Aleck says "these guys are top notch"

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