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    new design i'm working on


    First of all I gotta warn you that I am really really bad at graphics - which is why my site currently looks like it does ( ).

    I have worked out something new here:
    Still very simple design but more "neat" looking I hope (icons used is public domain stuff). Let me know what you think? (Atleast I'ed think it blows away the old design) Dont try and click links, they're not really ment to be working currently (if they do they all point to pages on old design).

    I really want to get the logo in upper left corner replaced by something better, but everytime I try to draw one it looks total shiite!


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    I agree with you, it looks a bit like the pages from the early days of the Internet No offence. You should use a free template for starters and get it up from there, edit it a bit and you'll have a nice looking site.

    Anyway, I appreciate that you're trying.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Occasionally on your site you'll shorten words, IE "though" to "tho". That doesn't seem very professional IMHO, especially with a service such as yours. I'd recommend writing out full words and checking your grammar.

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    Why dont you hire a designer to make a main page for you?
    After that, you can work from there.

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    Thank you guys for the feedback. I will see what I can figure out.

    >>You should use a free template for starters
    Cant find any I really liked- all to ugly or too bloated/too much useless graphics (I like KISS).

    HZence, I'm Danish and English is not exactly my first language :-) But I'll try and improve it. Was planning on going through it all after redesign.

    >>Why dont you hire a designer to make a main page for you?
    Good question. Something I have thought about many times. Problem is of course, finding the designer I can trust.

    BTW, how do you like the way of html coding I did? Completely xml 1.0 transitional and css compliant (except for that stupid counter code). As little presentation data in the page itself (of course all the CSS class definitions will be moved to an external file). This is my first page that looks like it's all tables based, but there is not a single TABLE/TR/TD tag in the code :-)

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    HTML is very nice IMHO
    it's all spaced nicely.. looks like frontpage work.
    Great job on that.
    Also good that you used
    Shows professionalness
    EDIT: you can find designers here..

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    Finally something positive :-)

    I did not use any homepage programs like frontpage which you mentioned. All handcrafted with a text editor (ConTEXT).

    Actually I just spotted a bug in it, which w3 validator did not complain about. The doctype is xhml 1.0 Transitional but the dtd link is incorrect :/

    >>you can find designers here..
    Yeah, I guess so :-)

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    Good luck with your company.
    Personally, i think the first layout looks more professional.
    If i were yourself, i would seriously consider a designer.
    Your site is what will attract your customers. It is the only thing that will seperate you from other hosts. [other than word of mouth for good work.]

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    Are you a designer ilyash?

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    No, i am a coder/webmaster.

    I do some design, but only for myself, not as a service.

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    Just curious, seems like you just recommend everyone to get a designer.

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    Updated it.

    Newer version is here:

    Better or worse than

    ? :-)

    I removed that stupid counter, so it should validate 100% as it is now.

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