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    Needed PHP/MySQL Programmer

    I'm in need of a php/mysql programmer, here is a description of what Id like done.

    PHP Coding Job

    This project will consist of adding features to an already made system.

    **Everything is written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database**

    Job One:
    Currently I have a custom made download script and it contains a file for users to upload files. (.zip file, an image of it, and a description) It also contains the main download pages, and Administration page that allows the admins to approve/disapprove the files that the users have uploaded. The final part of it is the Download cart, and this is what needs work, currently it has the ability for a user to add a file to the cart and download them individually, but Id like so that the user can download them all at once. (I was told that this is called dynamically making a zip) Once it has been downloaded, Id need it deleted because I dont want thousands of zip files on my server. I would like it so that the user can select the files that they would like to download at once and it would make the .zip from that. The final thing that I would like done is that when a user adds something to the cart that they are able to click on that download and view what it was all about.

    Your Pay:
    Im not able to pay money, but we can work something out with advertising or something else.

    Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Joseph Blossom

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    I'm in need of the programmer badly, If needed, we can work out some sort of monetary payment.

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    Please contact me via email at chris [at]

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    My name is Nikita. I am professional freelance PHP/MySQL programmer.

    If you are interested, please let me know via the email([email protected]) and I'll send you my resume.

    Thank you.

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