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    Question Looking for low cost reseller account (not cheap low cost)

    First does anyone know anything about this reseller?

    resellglobal? They are offering a "may special" that is only 5 bucks, but does not have that much to it (low bandwidth and space). . .

    Their special is like what I'm looking for. I really want to give this as go as a business though, so I want someone reliable so when I get more accounts I can go up to a better service.

    I'm not asking for the world, just a small, affordable reseller account, that I can rely on and grow with. . .

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    $5 is cheap not low cost. 1GB disk space/15GB Bandwidth for $4.95 a month is severe overselling even on

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    I'll leave the decision up to you, but they are barely a week old at this point.

    Honestly, at those prices it might be a little hard to make a good profit starting out. I'd be a bit concerned with them and with them being so young at this point, you're not going to find an accurate account of their services. Hope that helps in your decision a bit.

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    Ok who then. . .

    If you did not want to spend more than 10$ just to start and see if you were able to figure out the WHM and such, and then be able to move to a better plan later, whom realistically would you go with?

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