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    Request: Update for club logo

    Hi to all,

    Our radio club is looking to refresh and update it's logo that dates back to the 1970's for our club newsletters, t-shirts, etc.

    Our club is a non-profit organisation based in Perth, Western Australian with a common interest in amateur (ham) radio.

    Current logo can be seen at

    You will see that it does need some updating!

    We are able to pay a small fee for the right design. Unfortunately I don't have a PayPal account at present but we will be able to work something.

    I don't think my PM facility is working as I haven't made enough posts, so please let me know via this thread.

    Thank you in advance.



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    You say you would be able to pay a small fee. How much can you afford to pay ?

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    maybbe we can work something out, maybe ill design it in exchange for a domain or something.

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    I would be willing to work on this for a small fee (whatever that is, and you could choose) I'm not a professional tho.

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    I could do this in inchange of a domain. portfolio @

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the great response!

    PM's have been sent to everyone who has left a me a message.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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    There it goes.

    I know its not really what you asked for, a revamping of our current logo, but I wasn't able to stop thinking about headphones. And I thought it may be nice to give you association a breath of youth on the way.

    See the result at
    You will see the logo, the logo used with a signature and the logo in a shape.

    Hope you see something you like !

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