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Thread: Two Questions..

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    Question Two Questions..

    Hello to all!

    I hope your all having a good day, as am I . As you can tell this is my first post on WHT.

    Onto my questions..

    1) Whats the best and lowest priced billing area that you can create a custom design for? (Such as editing a template etc)

    2) I have seen several scripts for Domain Name checking, e.g. You type in domain and press Submit. How do you go about querying the server to get the results of the domain (e.g. if its taken or not)

    Anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Question numero uno --- Depends on what design u need. There are many different templeates, or do you want an exculusive one. There are flash design or do you only need html, or html+flash..

    there are good designs and great designs, and designs that suk....

    If you look around you will see how the prices differ, I myself recommend doing ur own design (it looks bad when more than 3 sites have the same design)...

    as for the script, search the foums with "domain name checking script", this question has beeb posted the third time this week (maybe 4th)..


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    I dont think you understood me

    I was meaning, Billing Area such as ModernBill etc.

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    phpManager (soon to be neoManager) is decent, and totally customizable, only $50 i believe

    I use it, it works nice. I've done some custom code with it as well since none of the "stock" billing systems have what I specifically needed... and my trial of whmAutoPilot seemed that I couldnt write my own php code into it

    phpManager is nice... most of the code isnt encrypted (unlike most others) so you can remove/create/modify aspects of the billing system... or even use it to develop your own custom software (but not to resell of course)
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