and for

Originally registered for a mobile phone multi-media site (PFYM being intended to stand for 'Pictures For Your Mobile' and/or 'Polyphonincs For Your Mobile' - but said site was not eventually developeded. I'm sure there are many other things this sequence could stand for (Peruvian Freediving Youth Movement?!?!).

Both are registered until July 2005.

Will take the best offer I get by the end of the day (or sooner if I get an offer good enough). Please make any offers either on this thread or by PM.

Offers in either USD or UKP. Payment in USD must be by PayPal, payment in UKP <I>must</I> be by bank/cash transfer from a UK bank (<I>not</I> via PayPal. For the purpose of compareing USD and UKP offers I am using an exchange rate of 1.00UKP==2.00USD. Nothing below $30 please - lower than that and they are worth me keeping just because they are short and I might need an extra domain some day!

Selling as a pair only - not seperate. Someone on WHT once valued these domains at $200-for-the-pair though in their completely undeveloped state I personally doubt they are worth quite that much...

They are currently registered through so the easiest way to transfer is for the buyer to have a 123-reg account and use their transfer interface (in which case you'd get control of the domain pretty much instantly). I'm happy to transfer by other means, though you are responsible for any extra cost involved (there are no charges for transfering out of 123-reg so extra charges will only come from your registrar).