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    Linux Installation

    I installed Redhat 9.0 on one of my test server with minimal components selected (No GUI, XServer etc). Now I want to install XServer & Gnom but unable to find any easy way to do this.

    rpm -i G* ends with lot of dependency requirements.

    My Question is, Can we install packages in the manner that all dependant packages are installed too? I don't want to install sub packages first and then go with parent package. This is quite hectic task.

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    To be frank, components like Xserver and Gnome should be installed on installation of OS. Else you either need to have alot of time and patience, or you simply reinstall.
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    Yes, I know but I am keeping reinstall as the last option. If you remember during setup it gives a checkbox to check the dependant packages by it self and install them automatically. Can we specify such parameter later with rpm command. You can say inverse to --nodeps option.

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    try using the apt-clones for redhat.

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