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    Selling reseller hosting (sub-resellers/dedicated servers??)

    I'm currently a reseller host. I've made a reasonably sucessful business out of it in the few months i've been set up. I'm now looking to start selling reseller hosting to my customers. How do i go about this? I know i need a dedicated server, buti read on another wht forum that some hosts offer sub reseller hosting. I'm a bit of a newbie to the whole hosting thing so i think that sub-reseller hosting may be an option for me in the short term but then i'd be looking to set up with a dedicated server as i gain more experience. I know you guys will think that i shouldn't be a host if i don't know anything about hosting, but I know some of the basic (very very basic) features + i've got an outsourcing company to take care of my customers. I think i'm a good businessman so i can make it as a small host.
    I need a company where i pay a monthly (or preferably yearly) amount and can then set up both standard hosting accounts and reseller hosting accounts for free- unlimited number of accounts if possible.
    So if anyone knows of any hosts that can offer me sub-reseller hosting (i need whm and i need to be able to create whm accounts easily) + if you could point me in the direction of a good dedicated server supplier for future reference, i really need one that can offer good support and installations at a relatively low price (so far has been recommended to me, but they don't seem to offer that much support or help with installations) please post a reply and i will be forever grateful

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    Hi again,
    I'm new 2 the site, don't want to break the forum rules, i'm not requesting specific hosting, just looking for some tips on what sort of things i should be looking for + if u cud reccomend any companies that wud be a bonus,

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