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    * Reverse Address Record


    I am using Ensim, and when i try to add an A record to the zone file of a domain it has an option called "Update Reverse Address Record " do i tick this or not and what exactly is this?

    And also, if i make a change to the zone file it seems that it is not instant, why is this and how long does this take?


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    Reverse DNS is what's supplied when another server requests your identity.

    It shouldn't take too long, I think whatever your TTL is set to. If it's seeming like it's taking longer than a few minutes, it may be that your ISP is caching DNS... If you want to get around it, manually enter the DNS server(s) you're working with in your Windows networking setup.

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    so when i add an A record do i have to check the checkbox that says "Update Reverse Address Record " ? or can i uncheck it?

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    any one?

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    Most of the time you will not be the controller of your Reverse DNS records (PTRs) they rarely get delegated down to the customer ,especially if you aren't even sure how to use them

    There's a tool at to determine who your PTR is delegated too, use that, and for any reverse DNS entries you need added, you'll have to contact your host, or go through them in one way or another.

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    look it up

    it's kind of important that you understand what's going on behind this whole thing as you can have issues if your rdns is set up funky (i'm sure your provider has it set up right tho). It also might be good for you to take on your own rdns, as a non rdns'd setup looks kinda amateur.
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