I am attempting to sell this cable modem here as I see others selling hardware in this part of the forum. If this is unacceptable, admins please notify/move/kill this thread, thanks.

Reason for sale: Switched to 4 Meg DSL service.

Condition: Excellent - this modem was used for approx. 1 month, and excellent caution has been used. This modem is in A1 shape.

Asking Price: $50 USD + shipping with reasonable offers considered.

Model: RCA DCM-305 Digital Cable Modem.

Included in the package is a new DCM305 Modem , usb and ethernet cables, software and power supply shipped in the retail package.

I will ship when I receive your payment and email you your tracking number. The DCM305 modem retails for $99.00 as seen on the manufacturers website.

*See Manufacturer's Product Specs for More Information:

Anyone interested please contact me via email, pm, or ICQ (37718965). I am located in Canada.