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    Need outsourced emergency server management

    Hi all,

    We have over a dozen servers with EV1 and manage them all ourselves, however we would like to be able to outsource - not all the management of the server - but the emergency management.

    With that I mean the following:

    We have our own server monitoring in place, so when a server goes down, we must drop everything and get the server back online. This may of course be in the middle of the net - we do not have 24/7 staff - so getting out of bed is not nice, but is a neccessary evil. I want someone to do this for me.

    You would be responsible only for getting a server back online when it goes down.

    Anyone who can offer this service, please reply here, pm me or email me.

    Joel Moss
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    I am willing to perform this service for you. I have experience as an system administrator for a hosting company, which I still work for, and I am also in the process of launching my own web hosting buisness. I am well versed in the FreeBSD and Linux operating systems. Wherever I am, I almost always have connectivity to the internet.

    Feel free to contact me via email.

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    I think we have what you are looking for:

    We will give you 25% off with 10 servers or more on our "monitoring and response" services. I believe it is the exact service that you are looking for !!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Nathan M.
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    If all you're looking for is checking that the necessary services are running and the entire box itself is up, I could do that for you. Contact me via PM or email (chris [at] with your budget, etc...

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    I've dealt with alanp , great support and a friendly person. Very responsive when you need it.
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