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    Review phpBB Board Please ...

    Hey WHT,

    I was Wondering if you would Review my Site?


    It same up Jul 2003, Over 2000+ Members.

    Role-playing Game, Very Fun.

    Let me know what you think?!


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    I like it.

    Could you please tell me which portal software you are running and where I could download it? I have a PHPBB board Im running and would love to convert it to that if it is somewhat easy.


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    I'd say there is a tad too many categories. Try minimizing them into sub-categories or removing those that are not too popular on the message boards. The clock at the bottom is useless, I think most of us have clocks on our computers. The Icons under "The Street Forums" are too large and can be removed. The scrolling thing on the left hand side is annoying. Theres quite a bit of a gap between the navigation, banner and message boards.

    In my opinion the theme you have chosen for your message boards do not really support the Mafia theme. Anyways, good luck on your site, Kevin.
    Chris Tauscher

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    First of all you could redo the upper banner to "be in tune" with the rest of the site. Also you could redo the javascript menu a bit, also to have the colours you use on the rest of the site, or if you'd like, redo it in a contrastig colour.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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