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    Gateway 200E (ARC) laptop crashes if volume control is used after waking from standby

    I'm blacklisting Gateway. I won't buy any more Gateway products, due to a bad experience with a laptop I just bought. They don't deserve my money anymore. I'll actually celebrate when they go out of business.

    Before you buy a Gateway product, read this:

    I bought a Gateway 200E (200 ARC series) 2 days ago. If I put the computer into standby and then wake it up, and use the volume control by pressing Fn + left or right arrow keys, the system crashes. It freezes completely. Even ctrl + alt + del doesn't work.

    I called Gateway, and this is what they said:

    "It's an already documented problem with this model.

    Gateway doesn't have a solution for this problem, they only have two workarounds:

    1. Don't use the Fn + key combo for volume control, use the volume control icon on the system tray with your mouse.

    2. Don't use the Fn + key combo for a while after waking up from
    stand by"

    My reply to #1, I dont want to look for the icon and click it, I want
    a shortcut whenever I want to control the volume. That's what it is there for. Besides, I press ctrl + arrow to tab through my text
    documents. It's very easy to press Fn instead of ctrl, and this is
    more possible in this model especially since Fn is the outermost key on the left side, and ctrl is to the right side of it, unlike most
    other laptop keyboards where ctrl is the outermost key. I dont want my laptop to crash when I'm browsing through my text documents or writing code.

    #2. I even tried doing this after an hour, and it still crashes.

    I have the latest BIOS (v 42.01.02), and Gateway doesnt have a newer BIOS update of fix for this. I use Win XP Pro, by the way. This crash is reproducible every single time I do what I described above (use volume control after waking up from standby).

    Gateway said they just wont fix it or replace this laptop. If I send
    it for service, they won't give me a time estimate of how long it
    will take to fix it. They are just trying to deter me from sending it
    for service I guess.

    The tech who answered my second call was so rude and yelling on the phone telling me not to use the key combo, rather than focusing on how to fix it. He even said he won't let me talk to Level 2 tech people when I asked. I had to give him a piece of my mind before he would let me talk to Level 2.

    The level 2 guy was even more ridiculous. He suggested that I use the screensaver instead of standby. Moron, he doesnt even know the difference between the use of a screensaver and a standby mode.

    Perhaps, he thinks people who buy their laptops are starfishes who they can push around and deny service for their defective product.

    How many of you have had this problem replicable with the Gateway 200 ARC series? Can you try this on your laptop and see if it happens?

    Does anyone know a fix for it? I badly need it.

    If there are enough number of people with this problem, without
    proper service being provided by Gateway, I think a class action
    lawsuit would be feasible.


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    I know what you mean,service and quality today SUCKS!!!!!

    I took my GMRS radio in for service,it was gone 3 weeks,when i got it back,IT DIDNT WORK!!!!!!! (THE AUDIO WAS GONE) It said "Unit Bench Tested,works OK"

    Well,IT DOESNT.....How could they BENCH TEST this thing and send it back like this????

    I called the tech,ah he was a moron "Are you sure your not using Quiet code" ......Total idiot....I wanted to go off on him,but seeing as i need to send it back to him,I COULDNT!!!!!!!!!

    Some people should choose another profession i think,i dunno

    The Dude

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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