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    Ad Space Available On a Popular site!


    I am looking to earn some money off of ad's on my site.

    This months Average Hits Per Day: 88884 Hits

    We are a newer site. We're under 3 months old.


    We can put your banner at the top of the forum, or below the forum.

    All offers will be listened too. We are looking to put banners up monthly. We will consider yearly, etc.

    Contact me through PM or AIM at Phill11SNC



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    I might be interested, I would want to pay *not alot*. The ad would be for

    If you can contact me with your ideal rates, that would be good:

    email or add to MSN:

    info [ at ]

    Internet Radio | CDN

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    I have had 1 other person contact me about advertising.

    If there is an approximate price your looking for, please let me know.

    Whoever offers the highest gets the ad spot.

    But there can be both of you. I can put a banner at the bottom of the forum too.

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