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    Unhappy [Bandwidth] IP uses 24GB

    Alrighty, I previously knew this, however I wanted to post about this today.

    I logged into bandmin and noticed that the dedicated IP to our site uses about 400MB bandwidth / month on each of our domains. For the month, we have around 24GB - 30GB just from the IP address.

    I can attach a screenie if you need it.

    But what is causing this? All of my clients are asking.

    Thank you,

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    Maybe a DDoS attack?
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    maybe your users are using

    ip/~username to access their site?
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    USA should so something about:

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    Originally posted by VapoRub
    maybe your users are using

    ip/~username to access their site?

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    'FTP-Happy' customers can cause unusual spikes in bandwidth, it may be worth popping the logs open for ftp, and having a dig around.

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    Hello there,

    I am having a similar problem, and I would like to know where I go to find the FTP Logs.

    Thank you.

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