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    PHP coder needed. $ involved

    Hello, I need a php coder to make me a script and I am willing to pay 40$ for this to be done. No more than 40$ will be given so if you don't want it for that much, please do not reply.

    Script details can be found here.

    I apologize for using (dot) rather than using a .
    I did this because the forum doesn't allow you to make a post with a URL in it until you have made at least 5 posts.

    Email: infiniti[at]
    AIM: LNFIN1t1

    ~Thanks in Advance

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    Hm... fairly large project; I wish you the best of luck getting someone to do it at that price

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    Well, if you're not able to complete some of this or for any reason want me to, I'll tone down on the options but in order for me to confirm which options to let go of you'd have to contact me through AIM. Thanks.

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