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    Language For Windows Installer Program

    I program mainly in PHP. Many of my software programs are sold to customers on a Windows server. I was thinking about creating an installer program that would install the software on their server rather than doing it manually.

    My first question is, what language do programmers usually use to create the self installer programs? Is it VB SCript?

    Question 2: Is there a web site that has info about how to do this?


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    I know the InstallShield Installer System is created in C++, and comes with Visual Studio 6 Enterprise.

    There are several installer systems out there, I would look into Nullsoft's Installer, as it is good from what I hear. I cannot post any links to help, as I am new here, but let Google be your friend.

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    For Nullsoft's NSIS:
    Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
    char*s="#include<cstdio>%cchar*s=%c%s%c;%cint main(){std::printf(s,10,34,s,34,10);}";
    int main(){std::printf(s,10,34,s,34,10);}

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