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    php programmer xml feeds, graphing

    I need assistance on a project

    it is creating a stock market for sports

    I need to read in a xml feeds of stat , from here

    (I'm still not allowed ot post urls but)

    I need to generate graphs of player progress onto html pages

    I need some sort of cron job set up to calculate end of day value of each player based on trading in 24 hour period

    I need mebership , cookie based

    please show examples, price etc

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    I am interested and can help you out. I have over 8 years of programming experience and specialize in php/mysql development.

    email me at blacknaga[at]

    Look forward to talking to you.

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    We are IT Script Team: offshore software developing / design company located in Russia.

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    well have eihter of you done anything of things I mentioned in the post

    creating graphs with php
    getting xml feeds from anther site parsing them and adding to a sites db

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