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    * I LOVE YOU TOO! A web host that NEVER oversells. $1/month- 2gBW/100mHD

    ISB Hosting is a subsidiary of the Pan Corporation. We sell small, affordable web hosting accounts to business startups. Most importantly, we provide the BEST services. Why? Because we run all of our small businesses on the EXACT SAME SERVER. We are only selling the excess bandwidth and hard drive space from our main provider.

    *Unlike other web hosts, we CANNOT oversell, otherwise, our own businesses on the servers will be negatively affected.

    *We insist on maximum uptime. Any downtime will negatively affect your site AND ours as well.

    *Because of the recent surge of web host providers, most of them do not survive a year, which forces you to relocate your business. But ISB Hosting is here to stay. Even if we only have one client, the servers will still be running since the core of our business is still on the server!

    So... email us at [email protected] if you're interested in an account, or just go to The current rates are:

    $1.00/ month
    200 Megs of diskspace
    2 gigs of bandwidth

    IBS Hosting
    Honest, low-cost, reliable.

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    oh... and one more thing

    We are looking for link exchanges with web hosts, programming forums, script sites, web design, template websites and any internet related companies.

    Highly valued links will have exclusive advertising rights on our front page for 6 months for free! (others will be placed in "try these"). The highest valued link will have permanent placement on our front page. Email statistics to [email protected]. Include the page where our link appears and most importantly, the PR.

    (We will also entertain any offers for a banner too.. just PM bids over)

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