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  1. #1 is being sold for $300, can you beat that?

    The domain SEVN.COM (reg until 3/16/05) is being sold for $300.

    If you want it, make an offer over $300, or it will be sold and probably developed.

    Free transfer to a account.

    I accept paypal (Price +3% to cover fees), e-gold, or checks (You'll have to wait for the check to clear). I'm also open to trades and other modes of payment.

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    Jan 2004
    Any traffic, links, etc.?

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    I dont know about traffic, however there are no links pointing to it, unfortunatley.

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    Sparta, I may be interested. I have a few other domain names that I'm awaiting prices for. When is the deadline for this domain name?

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    Within a week or so.

    Fairly flexible.

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    Ok, just give me an email when your deadline for the name is up. I should have the other prices I'm waiting for soon, then I'll be able to make a decision on which domain name I want. How many people have offered $ for Just the person that offered $300, or is that your asking price?

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    I've had about 4 people show lots of interest. The first number I have recieved is $300, however there are 2 people whom have very large budgets and I think might be offering 4 digits.

    $300 is the absolutle lowest I'll go.

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    If it gets to 4 digits, let me know, I'll pass then.

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    Need to sell this quick, I'll sell to the first person who offers $400 or more.

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