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    PHP 4.3.4.pkg from Raqsoft HELP!!!!

    I installed the php4.3.4.pkg from after I installed the php4.1.2-3.pkg from When I do a #php -v , I get

    bash (command not found)

    I am assuming I need to reboot apache.

    Are there any other steps that need to take place after the installation of this package?



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    I am not sure that that package has a php binary -- just mod_php. Let me see what version's we have as I think they have a php binary.

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    Thank you for all your help in this matter

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    How did it work out for you?
    Rich D.

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    PHP 4.3.8

    Hello all!

    we have a running raq4 with php 4.1.2-3.
    After we installed the php 4.3.8 from ? somewhere (Raq-Aid)
    everything was still fine!
    But if we are using the gd function we get errors.
    Checked the and have seen that there is no JPG TIFF or GIF Support in the GD.

    Are there any other pkg's around with a full functional gd version inside?

    Next is, we can't uninstall the 4.3.8 version well, because the php tells still 4.3.8. The uninstall was running thru without error or msg.

    Could anyone help?

    Would be great.



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    You need to install the LIBs yourself I think and then compile php to use those Libs.

    If not you would need to install php manually.
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