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I spent some more time programming this small application which encrypts your passwords while sending them over the internet. These days its more common for users or companies to send passwords over the internet whether it's for outsourced support, security etc.

I updated the software to use a unique identity for each person using the program, if user A needs your password, you user B asks for there GID#, you then enter there GID# into the program and encrypt your password. You user B then send your encrypted data to user A, since you used the GID feature, only the person with that GID can decrypt your data. This prevents users from intercepting and decrypting.

Program Features

Supports multiple encryption aligorithms, including the current strongest AES.

The key for the ecnryption, is xor'd (light encryption) into the program, the key is then decrypted using another strong encryption algorithm. The key is then made private via CHAR but available to the program.

Program is wrapped with a packer, and is internally encrypted, with it's own protection scheme.

Software can output/input ASCII or Hex(default), depending on your preference. Hex output is prefered and more secure.

Has the ability to encrypt data multipletimes, which would then in result in someone having to decrypt multipletimes to unlock the password

Features both standard and GID enhanced mode, GID enhanced mode is very secure and will not allow people to intercept and decrypt your data. Standard mode is just standard encryption, which can be intercepted and decrypted if a person has this software.

Download (Contains Readme & Program): http://www.forcepc.com/PassSecure.zip

This program is provided as Freeware, and contains no guarantee or warranty, I will however correct problems and bugs.