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    Smile Looking for internet related textlinks to put on our site, PERMANENTLY (free)

    Looking for internet related businesses

    We are looking for link exchanges with web hosts, programming forums, script sites, web design, template websites and any internet related companies.

    Highly valued links will have exclusive advertising rights on our front page for 6 months for free! (others will be placed in "try these"). The highest valued link will have permanent placement on our front page. Email statistics to [email protected]. Include the page where our link appears and most importantly, the PR.

    (Paid text link (x3) and one (x1) banner ad space available- will take highest bidder. Must pay for three month spot)

    Our site:
    -very few visitors
    -have been running a profitable business for half a year now.

    The results will be shown on the site in ONE WEEK. (5/23) You will also be contacted at that time, informing you where your link is located.

    We prefer that you PM or email the information and/or bids to us at [email protected].

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    one restriction- absolutely no porn sites

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    Is it a link exchange or free advertisment?
    since link exchange is always free.

    Just to clarify Thanks

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    This is a link exchange- FREE

    However, I did add that if anyone was interested in purchasing a textlink or banner ad, I was willing to entertain any offers.

    Q: Now why would anyone do that if you could just exchange links for free?

    A: Well, since only the highest PR rated sites have the chance of being displayed on the front page, a lower rated site may want to purchase a textlink in order to secure a spot. Also, people may speculate that the PR of the site will go up, therefore, are willing to invest in a spot.

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    That and google PR can be damaged by reciporical links from sites that are unrelated (ie different industries). So an exchange could be damaging, but inbound only links (purchased ones) are not damaging.

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    "Damaging" whoa.. I don't have a lot of experience with this, but I thought that textlinks that were not as related would be not as useful... never knew it had a negative impact.

    Would that mean that if I created a porno site, and had hundreds of links pointing to your website, your PR will go down?

    what do others think?

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    Yeah, your PR is directly controlled by the amount and type of links that you publish.

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    wow.. I should make a site with


    TITLE- PornoGamblingPharmacyLinkFarm

    with backlinks from all these types of sites to pump up my PR.

    and have nothing but someone's links in it... over and over and over again ;-p.

    I can be a hit man! A site assassin.. muhahaha.
    (for $X, I will destroy your competitor by linking to their sites a hundred times.. hehehe.. j/k)

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    Linking to other sites does not lower PR, its when you publish a link for an unrelated or low PR site that yours is lowered.

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    so for example, if I take and "link to other sites"... it will not lower my PR. But wouldn't the fact that I put your link on this god awful site, theoretically be as though you were "publishing" a link on my site... which will definitely damage your site?

    I think my question is, what's the difference between my site linking to other sites, and having sites "publish" links on my site?

    Shall I give this a try?! I"ll put hundreds of your links on a really really bad site, and see what happens? hehehe..

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