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    switching to Windows Host


    I am a web designer and have 5 websites that I would like hosting for. Two of these are for clients and the rest are for myself. In the future we will have more. Right now, all sites are hosted with and all domain names were purchased through them. One site uses the Agora shopping cart. Another site uses a phpBB and mail form scripts. My largest site uses allot of scripts, including one for a contest, message boards, newsletter, form mail, etc. For this site, I would like to switch the Paypal shopping cart to Comersus, which requires Windows hosting (ASP, MsSql).

    At this time, Hostito does not offer Windows hosting. Right now, I have ample space with Hostito's light reseller plan... 1 Gig space and 15 Gigs transfer. I'm looking at the lowest Windows hosting packages and will upgrade as needed. I would like to keep all of my sites under one host with a monthly fee of $20 or less. Low cost domain transfers and registration through this same host would be wonderful as well.

    How hard will it be to switch all the sites over since they are coming from a Unix/Linux host to a Windows host? Is there a hosting company out there that will do this for me? Will a transfer mean hours of work trying to get my scripts to work again? My main concern is all of the scripts... I don't want all of my sites to go to pooh after a transfer in hosting companies.

    Any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated! If you are not allowed to post your recommendation, link, or price quote here, please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks so much!


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    Windows to Linux can be a prob for scripts, esp if they are using sendmail or some other modules of Linux, or if they are written for Linux only. I myself had a hard time shifting and I have only about 2 or 3 scripts. Better to create a test site and see if the scripts work 1st or check with the scripts programmers.

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    Hmmmm... As has been said, that could be very problematic! I think I would suggest stepping back, and re-evaluating why you're so set on moving to Comersus, ASP, and Window$ Hosting
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    Or you could look into a Hsphere provider that runs a multi-platform. This way you could offer/run Unix and Windows with only 1 account. There may be a few minor adjustments needed, but should'nt be a huge amout of work. But if you plan on totally transferring all the unix sites to a NT platform there may be some issues..

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    my advice would be if its just the shopping cart you are switching for, just use a unix based cart. there are plenty and do the job nicely and take out all the problems of moving from platform to platform

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    Thanks for all the feedback! The majority of people I talk to tell me to stay put and the others tell me to find a host with Hsphere. I have looked at many of the Unix carts and have experience installing and configuring an Agora cart. Agora works fine and all but doesn't have the features that I want and many of the carts you have to know a bit of programming to configure the cart the way you want it. The cart for Comersus is packed with features in which you don't have to know promgramming to implement. Unfortunately, my knowledge of programming is very limited and my eyes go bonkers whenever I look at a line of code.

    I think I will try a host that offers Hsphere.

    Thanks again!


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