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Thread: Mitch Hedberg

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    Mitch Hedberg

    Anyone here like him? He's a hilarious standup comic...
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    Yea, he is really funny. I remember his "I bought a doughnut and they gave me a reciept.. There is no need to bring ink and paper into this"

    Of course repeating it isn't nearly as funny, but still a very funny guy.

    BTW, why do you ask? Are you going to see him?
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    I saw him live when they were recording an episode of the Carson Daily show in New York. This was his first time being on the show.

    He came out and was really lame, nobody was laughing. All of the sudden you hear "Stop stop... we have some technical difficulties."

    After about five minutes he came back out again and was like "Wow, you guys liked me so much last time I was on the show that you invited me back again." From then on he was VERY funny

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