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    40 : Beware

    Dotster is a Joke.

    Firstly, $12.00 for a domain name is insane and almost double what other reputable registars are selling domains for.

    Secondly, they have absolutley NO FRAUD SCREENING, so if you are silly enough to have a resller account with them (reselling joke of the year) and have someone come and purchase a domain name with a stolen CC you will lose your commision for the last 20 domains you sold for them.

    I've tried to find where on their site it explains that they do not screen for fraud, will accept an order from anywhere for anything and then will make the reseller pay for the lack of security or screening. It may be different if Doster gave the option to cancel the order, screen the transaction do a follow up or anything to prevent the fraud in the first place.

    My commision was up to $278.00, I just found out that I've sold domains for dotster for free for the last year, my account is @ $12.00

    AVOID DOTSTER, there are so many better alternatives. I wish I had caught on a bit faster. Live and learn

    Maybe someone from Snotster can elabourate on this. But since they do not answer E-mails, I guess not.

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    Ouch! I left them along time ago because of their interface. Besides their whois updates are the slowest.

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    i always get a respond from their support in 24-48hrs

    not sure about this fraud screening issue, you need to give them a call or something! thats really bad.
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