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    plzzz help with windows DNS name server

    hi every1,

    i have setup a dns nameserver on my windows system with ensim on it. but i dont know if i did it correctly. What i've done to setup the dns is as follows:

    I requested 2 additional IP's from my server company. In total i have 3 IP's one is the main IP that Ensim uses.

    I registered NS1 and NS2.MYDOMAIN.COM to point to the two IP's at my domain registrar

    Then i created a IP based site for for one of the second IP's and then after that i created two A records for NS1 and NS2 and pointed it to the two IP's. I also created NS records for the two nameservers.

    I then went to network properties control panel in Windows, clicked on the properties for my network connection and then viewed properties on TCP/IP and then added the two extra IP's in the list to BIND it.

    I then created a virtual name server as the secondary server for the second IP by following Ensim's intructions and editing the named.conf file.

    Then i pointed a domain to point to my nameserver to test if it works, and it seems to be working because i seem to get the site displayed.

    However, i donnt know if i did it correctly because when i try to query NS1.MYDOMAIN.COM using a DNS Lookup tool i keep getting timeout errors.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    Thanx in advanced.


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    how long have you given it? has the had time to propegate?

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    it usually takes a little time.I have a domain name with and i figured it doesnt take a lot of time but others does.

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    i've given it over 24hrs but the thing is all the domains that are pointing to seem to be working but when i try to query using a dns lookup tool it just keeps timing out, i dont know if i did something wrong or not

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