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    URGENT! - How does apachectl end?

    I'm getting this error since my last reboot I believe and apache is now down.

    /usr/sbin/apachectl: line 171: syntax error: unexpected end of file

    on line 171 (last line) there are some notes that are commented out #

    can someone tell me how your apachectl ends?

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    It is URGENT ! :-)
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    just another reminder: It is URGENT!

    <MOD NOTE: Thread closed. Your urgent matter doesn't entitle you to break forum rules:
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    So urgent that you don't want to pay ?

    You probably have a missing (, ), {, }, ', or some other typo. - Unix Administration, Security and Support.
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    see a little up and a little down this line, not just this one

    try commenting other lines and see if the error stop
    then go uncommenting them

    that's called debugging
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    Originally posted by rcs
    So urgent that you don't want to pay ?

    You probably have a missing (, ), {, }, ', or some other typo.
    Very much agree with you. Most likely he has an embedded control character in the script, something like ^M (dos2unix?). This is a last freebie for him.


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