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    57 Looking for a link exchange. PR5

    I am looking for a link exchange with other websites (preferably entertainment sites). I have three locations where I can place ads: the main page, links page, and/or all of my pages. All I require in return is for you to do the same thing. I have an 88x31 button and a text link code at I prefer if you reply here or PM me, it would get a quicker response.

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    I'm very interested. I own BlizzBoards Gaming @
    Forums @
    If you are interested, put this button on your site and reply back so I can add you.
    Flous, That forum skin is one of the nicest ones I have seen.. Where did you get it?

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    A friend and I constructed it. . Maybe you and I can affiliate too? Do you use AIM or MSN?

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