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    Drams Help

    Can anyone help with this I've done everything and now I'm just annoyed!!

    Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: [email protected]' (Using password: YES) in /home/mypassword/public_html/drams/includes/dbconfig.php on line 32
    Unable to connect to sql server


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    Did you make sure that the DB user has full permissions? I'd also re-verify that you have entered all the DB settings correctly on that file. If that doesn't work, try asking over at DRAMS' forums or doing a search over there.

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    Looks like you just dont have the correct database settings in the "dbconfig.php", double check those.

    You should also check out the drams forums, there is alot of helpful information there. If that doesn't help, send a ticket to the developer, I have always had great support with drams.

    Anyway, Good luck..

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    Thanks for your help guys ;-)

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