I am using my desktop as a virtual server (local host) to create and to test my board.
This desktop has 500 Mb RAM and 8 Mb Video memory.
My Board is in vBulletin Forum 3.0.1 and about 280 sub-forums.

I am facing a problem when I am in
vBulletin Admin Control Panel > Forums & Moderators
It is not possible to minimize browser’s windows (not only vBulletin windows, but others too). I guess I am running out of memory. 500 Mb RAM should be enough, but a am not sure about 8 M Video memory.

That was not a problem with up to 150 sub-forums.
But, now ….

Does somebody running board with about 300 sub-forums?
What is a requirements and recommended memory to work in vBulletin Admin Control Panel?

Thank you.