I've been playing this game by email with the guys at my office for the last 6 months and trust me, it's really addictive It's the best relaxation method I've found so far in the office.
The game has a solid social base (developed by 4 sociologists for medium communities as a test) and aims to be played on a daily/continuous basis.

It also has a neet and nice story, rules etc it's fun and addictive. As it's going to be a long game, I would need this to be OK'd by some WHT community leaders and maybe even moderated a bit.

If any WHT members would like to play this game, please post "Count me in"

As soon as I get the green OK from WHT leaders, I'll start the game

I figured we spend a lot of time on WHT as it is, why not make it fun too
So, anyone interested?