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    Question Please review this message board!

    Hi All!

    I would like you to please review my forum's setup.

    It's been a very long time since I put up a community message board;
    of which previously I had 'no' difficulty at all, drawing visitors &
    member signups.

    I only closed the old sites, when the webhost merged; & then the new
    owners closed down that division completely; & I've never reopened
    any of them, until now, (first making the attempt).

    I also had other good sites at other locales, of which it was the same,
    but those ISP's went bust; so it's only now that I'm reestablishing my
    community sites, after such a long time, 'but have run into difficulty'
    (of which I'm not certain why.)

    Much has changed over the last couple of years, considerably; as to
    what would attract & encourage visitors to become & remain members.
    Though currently, I'm 'not' having any difficulty at all drawing visitors
    to the site; but I am 'having' trouble with encouraging member to sign
    up. I've tried everything that I used to do; but nothing is working any
    longer, (I 'used' to have a knack for it).

    With all the methods I've now implemented & then changed, (to try out
    other methods); I don't even recognize the style I've always used on my
    sites on this current site any longer. As I've changed everything so much,
    in an attempt to try & recapture what I had been able to accomplish with
    all my old sites years ago; of which it's still not working.

    Currently, this new message board is now, completely barebones. The only
    thing I have on it now is 'open' categories; of which people can post what
    they need to related to the topic, without restriction, (providing they are
    'quality' posts, no spam, etc.).

    Being it's so barren, I added a set of freebies; (as it doesn't make sense to
    go through putting up globs of content, & then visitors are not interested;
    as it's extremely costly, time consuming, etc., unless one knows for certain
    visitors & members would appreciate, want, need & will utilize it).

    So in lew of the content, I figure to just concentrate on the message listing
    aspects; & from their listings, can get a better idea of their needs; (even
    from only the first few postings.) Figuring what they are getting out of it is;
    to post their messages for free & receive responses to their listings.

    As well as receive free assistance & availability of my time & fellow members
    for different things they may need, even if only a resource; & as an additional
    incentive, I figured I'd make available, a couple of freebies.

    Of which for their participation of visiting, joining, continuing membership &
    utilizing the message board features for listing, etc.; they in turn are assisting
    creating the individual message board community.

    So as a perk, I figured for their time, I'd give them something additional free;
    which would be useful in some manner. The first being a free software, the
    second being a free basic website, for specific participation of course. (Of
    which if they wanted additions to the free site, beyond their basic detail intro,
    they would have to pay for customization); & if they had any questions, simply
    to inquire.

    This seems to be a reasonable offer, where I inturn respond to offers like this
    myself from time to time; but something seems to be amiss. Or perhaps, nothing
    is amiss; I simply may not be reaching the correct audience.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any 'courteous' responses; & in return, if you would
    like me to review your site, & give you my 'constructive' opinion on it, please feel
    free to present your details.

    Thanks in advance, for your time, consideration & assistance.

    Please review the site at -



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    Hi There,
    Your index page is so content heavy! Maybe you could sort it into states and put the various headings under it?

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    I have registered on your forum.

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    Hi Nzbm!

    Thank you for responding!

    I tried to locate the feature to put the categories inside the lead heading, since I first started developing it; but there doesn't
    seem to be any way to for trial accounts to do so, at least none I could find.


    Though I've used ezBoard for years, it's only been as a visitor & member; & wound up having to use ezBoard now, due to an
    emergency w/the webhost I was using w/my original forum.

    I had an account on Prohosting free side, & though have used them for years without incident; this time, my entire account &
    all my files disappeared, taking a brand new fully functioning & content filled flash site, & cgi-perl IkonBoard, which I was only
    developing, & had yet to open to any visitors.

    Of which Prohosting has not acknowledged, nor explained what they've done; nor giving me access to my files to remove them
    off their server, (the content pertained only to the topic of my current site, & was my own), except for the IkonBoard open
    source files framework.

    Though my other accounts remain intact, & without incident for quite some time; & have for a long time, as well as have sent
    many fee-based people over there. My other sites were also, only under development sites as well & only had a few; so it's not
    as if excessive bandwidth were being consumed.


    During the interim of development at the webhosts, I was trying to setup my webserver, for when the site was complete; to
    transfer it over for the actual visitations by members, but there is a security issue I've yet to work out. So have had to put
    that on a back burner for now.

    So the option has been to find another free host; of which, once the site has been open to visitors for awhile, & the site accrues
    members, then to switch to a fee-based host, or hopefully get my webserver running securely to use that instead. The issue
    regarding my webserver has been the installation of db & sql files, etc.; of which I've never done so, & know only the basics,
    though minimally.

    So instead, have tried out a webhost trial of which I'm fond of; but when I went to make the forum available for members,
    there wasn't any way for them to join, nor post. So I had to redevelop the entire forum again, for the 3rd server; of which in
    each instance, there were glitches; so had to reinstall & redevelop from scratch far more than 3 times.

    So overall, in my attempt to get this entire site up, running & with members; only to have the near completed site & forum
    community files stolen by the webhost; then the 2nd one, no way for the members to join & post till after the trial was over &
    the site paid for, if I wanted it; then 3rdly the db & sql files installed & security perimeters secure on my webserver, which
    wasn't happening anytime soon; which is how I wound up at ezBoard.

    And by this time, though incentive still high for my site, thoroughly disgusted to not put up all of the site; but instead only the
    barebones, as now there seemed to be a serious member subscribing issue, as in none happening. I still plan on buying the
    webhosting of that other webhost; but they are overseas, UK, of which I have to find out exactly where to get an IMO, as where
    I thought did, doesn't seem to make a version for there, go figure.

    My original site looks great though, as well as it's replacement; of which came out even better. Those who've visited both of
    them, really like it, particularly the 2nd one; & if I ever get that back up, it will be well worth going through all this hassle.

    There is nothing worst than paying for hosting, (considering there are so many other things that also then have to be paid for
    in conjunction with it); for a new site just starting up &/or being developed. Which is why I start mine on free hostings, & put
    up with all of this; if it wasn't so costly all added together, it wouldn't be an issue.


    Thanks for joining! But I checked, but could not find your membership anywhere on the site forum; did you delete the account??

    Thanks for trying to help!


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    Had to scroll down for 10 secs to view the entire page . It's very "bushy", you shoudl change that. Also you could use different colours, they're not really fit for that kind of page.

    The logo is nice.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Question Re. - Please review this message board

    Hi Lorand M,

    Thanks for giving me your opinion of what may be going on with the site in its current state.

    As I mentioned in my previous post; this is a 'trial' account, of which there doesn't appear to be a feature to condense the listings under the headings. So there is no way for it to be done, at least none that is readily apparent; of which when I realized, definitely wasn't pleased at all. (But on full, non-trial accounts, that feature appears to be available; of which I see on most forums I've visited.)

    I have always condensed the listings on all my previous forums, as I prefer my forums being less congested in appearance; as when it's not done, it's extremely burdensome to work with under those limitations. So I'm only putting up w/this aspect; until it's possible to improve it.

    Though for visitors, only a matter of scrolling, (& is a totally free listing site, without pop-ups, spam, nor high volume email). Of which the only areas excessively long on this forum would be the 50 states, alphabetized by it's abbreviation, (I've seen & used worst, by far).

    This isn't as bad as it being a variety of different categories, as those that are 'not' for a state, are only a mere few. This was the best setup under the circumstances; of which this extreme limitation wasn't apparent until the very end of adding in everything.

    As far as the colors, this is one of ezBoards actual templates; figuring they make it standardly available, it can't be as bad as its' showing up on your computer screen for whatever reason. It is one of only a few of the most simplified shades & patterns available by them specifically, & works well.

    ezBoards template color for that one is primarily - pale, light & medium peach, with light sable-like color highlight for the headers; the text is dark red w/rust undertones; of which all does fit the page well as neutral shades.

    It may be that your computer is showing the colors as another set of shades; due to the settings that have been configured for it. Depending on what I'm doing, I too may change the settings; which by setting a white light, will bring cool shades (winter-like) to all the colors; versus a yellow light, which will bring warm shades (autumn-like) to all the colors.

    To get the true, real life colors to show on your monitor; take a real life item, something standard, non-changing, uniform color (solid shades). Choose particularly something brilliantly colored, for example - pepsi or coca-cola can, mcdonalds or anything with strong primary colors.

    Then take your time & match the monitors screen colors to match the real life object. If you go to a very popular commercial product site; & have the real item right in front of you in person, they should match in color exactly. (Example - Coca-cola has a specific shade of red for its' can; it's not pink, purple, brown, nor any other color or shade. It's the same as if someone were matching shades for cosmetics, paints, fabrics, cars, people, animals, etc.; it must be precise, with particular focus on the shades of the different hues of each color.) Hope that helps!

    I always do this when working on graphics; particularly when I'm finalizing the project, just to make certain the colors are as they should be, & how most would be viewing it. You can make several configured selections to choose from; if you need to have the monitors screen color settings changed frequently.

    For example - configure one for heavy reading, which may have yellow light undertones & darkened, far less straining on the eyes, like a gaming site would be. Or configure another for highly precise work, which may have white light, which would be very revealing for details; extremely straining on the eyes, but allows the work to be completed far more quickly, due to flaws being more apparent at once.

    I took a look at your site; ... don't know if your aware or not; but your sites' background image isn't showing up at all, I'm using a mac os x, g4. It may be a cross-browser issue (windows versus mac); of which you can easily have the codes corrected. (The other images are showing up though.)

    Yes the logo is nice; though belongs to ezBoard.

    Thanks again!



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    Don't mention it, I like reviewing other people's work
    Lorand R. Minyo
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