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    In need of a full time website gaming designer/network executive/coder, monthly pay!

    Dear WHT members,
    To get my gaming network up and released i'm in need of a website designer who can design layouts for the network (gaming layouts and hosting templates) also for this designer to work as a network executive also. I will only ask for 2 layouts and some small graphics jobs. As for the network executive side, you will help me get the network ready for release also help get hits when we are released, basicly it's a webmaster job also. I will pay 20.00 monthly via paypal, if you produce 2 layouts pretty quick, ill tell you what there for, I will pay you sooner then a months time.

    I'm in desperate need guys, I will pay more if I had the cash.

    Contact me on:

    Aim: Drlife202
    msn: [email protected]


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    Full time? You might wanna reword that.
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    i pmed you.

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    20 pounds a month, full-time?

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    I'm good enough to offer money.

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    Depending on what kind of work you're looking for, I might be able to help you out.

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    I might be interested. I'll try to contact you on AIM. If I can't, im at mith740. Thanks!

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